Sunday, October 19, 2008

The warehouse and Warehousing

The warehouse (the noun) was the building that was utilised to keep the thing. Warehousing (the verb) was the activity kept in gudang For our aim, this definition was regarded as too narrow by us. Because, the operation that was carried out in the same warehouse was carried outfield other from the business activity.

We must distinguish the room to keep the object with the room to store the object and here the building of the merchandise thing to keep the object should be not acknowledged as the warehouse.

Later we will find the equality between the storage and the flow of the electric current or the flow of the traffic along the road.

In a sense that more, we meant discussed the transfer as well as handling the material and the finished product. During in the trip, the material and the thing will stop for an intention, but resulting from from stopping him the material and this thing must be checked. We will ask whether the thing must stop, must stop so often, could the speed of the thing flow be increased, and whether system pengerak him could be improved.

Moved the thing from a place, stopped ditempat other afterwards moved still was still was the general problem happened as resulting from from the existence of the requirement.
Because of that we will inspect him from:

1.Character this thing, solid, liquid, gas or soft, was easy rotten, hard, heavy, he thought high or low or relations between the value and his specific gravity, and the correlation around around these characteristics.

2. The source from where this thing was accepted and how delivered its.

3.What that happened to this thing in the warehouse or on place this thing stopped.

4.The aim finally this thing, whoever needed him and for the need what.